Adrian Slatcher – Regular blogging from Manchester based Adrian Slatcher

Aliceblue – US webzine

Allen Fisher – Allen Fisher’s website

Anything Anymore Anywhere – Exciting Edinburgh based print journal

Archive of the Now – Huge audio resource of the best contemporary poets

Argotist Online – Solid list of online poems, interviews and reviews

Arthur Shilling Press– Harry Godwin’s collection of limited edition chapbooks

Bad Press– ‘Bad’ writing from Bad Press

Barque Press– Super-dooper publications including Tim Atkins’ Petrarch and Peter Manson, Adjunct: An Undigest

Beard of Bees – Great collection of e-chaps including Paul Hoover, Rosemarie Waldrop and James Davies

Blackbox Manifold – Innovative online poetry forum

BlazeVox – Geoffrey Gatza’s cool webzine and the host of his publishing project

Cambridge Literary Review – High calibre print magazine from  Boris Jardine and Lydia Wilson

Cannot Exist – Fantastic American chapbook publisher

Carcanet – Poetry publishers of Raworth,  Welton and Kuppner

Coconut – Bruce Covey’s online magazine

Corridor 8 – Visual arts and writing journal based in the North of England

Counting Backwards – Manchester sound-text-performance night at Fuel bar

Creature – Online Arts Magazine

ctrl+alt+del – Innovative, foldable, printable poetry ezine from Rhys Trimble suitable for droplifting

Damn the Caesars– American based new writing journal

dbpq – most things Geof Huth

Default Publishing – Jimmy Cummins publishing project

The Diagram – Cool diagram related writing

Dreams That Money Can Buy – New writing, super high on style and content

Dusie – Online poetry magazine

Eclipse – Craig Dworkin’s portal of important 70s poetry books including Aram Saroyan, P. Inman and Ray DiPalma

Ekleksographia –  Guest curated international poetry magazine

E.ratio – Postmodern poetry e-journal

Grasp Press – Contemporary poetry publisher, publishes the journals AXOLOTL and HOT GUN!

Great Works – Peter Philpott’s smart online poetry magazine

Hutt – Online poetry magazine

Intercapillary Space – Edmund Hardy’s cutting edge online poetry magazine

Knives, Forks and Spoons– Prolific lovleliness from Alec Newman

Krupskaya – Publisher’s of P. Inman’s at.  least. amongst other titles

Kultureflash – Online weekly contemporary arts letter

Joy as Tiresome Vandalism – James Davies and Simon Taylor’s collaborative project

Les Figues Press– Beauty, belief and bawdry edited by Vanessa Place

Liminal Pleasures – Andrew Nightingale’s excellent print publication

Lisa Jarnot – Lisa Jarnot’s blog

Lollipop – Small press listings

Lucy Harvest Clarke Blog – Lucy Harvest Clarke

Matchbox – Precursor to if p then q

Matchbox Videos – Videos of Matchbox events

O Books– Important poetry publisher, titles include Tim Atkins’ Horace

Object Permanence – Peter Manson’s publishing projects

onedit – Tim Atkins’ tight online magazine series

Openbracket – Enter the world of Ceri Buck

Openned – The people who cut the mustard in old London town

Otoliths– Visual poetry magazine, including poetry from Geof Huth

Parameter Magazine – Tom Jenks’ print magazine

Past Simple– E-magazine edited by Jim Goar

Penn Sound – Free education and lots of it. What a joy, download your heart out

Penned in the Margins – Tom Chivers publishing and live events

Peter Manson – Peter Manson

Poems for All – Tiny poem books as minituare as Matchbox…

Poets and Players – Manchester reading series

Readysteadybook – Listings and comment

Reality Street– Immensely important publisher of the influential The Reality Street Book of Sonnets and Out of Everywhere

The Red Ceilings – Mark Cobley’s chapbook and ebook extravaganza

Richard Barrett – Richard Barrett

Santiago Dead Wasp – Experiments in sound and collaboration

Scarecrow – Scarecrow online magazine

Selby’s List – Spencer Selby’s definitive experimental poetry list

Sein Und Werden– Rachel Kendall’s experimental take on Expressionism, Surrealism and Existentialism

Shampoo – Online poetry magazine

Shearsman – Poetry publishers

Silliman’s blog – Important blog from Ron Silliman

Situation Room – A report of what’s happening on the ground

Spine – Spine magazine’s online home

Stimulus Respond– Online Arts magazine

Streetcake Magazine – Monthly online magazine

St Marks – New York based poetry project

Terrible Work – Reviews

Text Festival – Bi-annual poetry festival presenting cutting edge poetry, art and performance in Bury, Manchester – Bok, Silliman, Grenier, Inman, Weiner, Bergvall…

Tony Trehy – Tony Trehy’s blog

Toxic Poetry– Cool MP3 poetry in E book format

Ubu – Better than Sky Sports

Veer books – Important books coming out of Birkbeck

Vents – UK poetry listings

Xerolage– Poetry publications including Geof Huth’s ‘The Dreams of the Fishwife’

ZimZalla – Tom Jenks’ avant-objects

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