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A series of full-length collections by the most important contemporary poets around. Click on a title to find out more and to purchase.

Allen: Tim: Under The Cliff Like 
Atkins, Tim: 1000 Sonnets
Beaulieu, Derek: The Unbearable Contact with Poets

Berridge, David: Bring the Thing
Clarke, Lucy Harvest: Silveronda
Cunningham, Mark: Future Words
Emmerson, Stephen: A Piece
Emmerson, Stephen: Family Portraits
Erkembode: A Year at Work

Henderson, Derek: Thus &
Holloway, Rob: Flesh Rays / Daytrain
Huth, Geof: ntst
Inman. P: Ad Finitum
Inman. P: Scratches
Inman. P: Written 1976-2013
Jaeger, Peter: A Field Guide to Lost Things
Jaeger, Peter: Midamble
Jaeger, Peter: Postamble For An Invisible Sangha
Jenks, Tom: *
Jenks, Tom: A Priori
Jenks, Tom: Items
Jenks, Tom: A Long and Hard Night Troubled by Visions
Joy as Tiresome Vandalism: aR

Joy as Tiresome Vandalism: Rb
Joy as Tiresome Vandalism: What’s the Best?
Leahy, Mark: At Sounds Like: 3 Projects
O’Sullivan, Maggie: Courtship of Lapwings
Pester, Holly: Hoofs
seekers of lice: Encyclops.

Taylor, Simon: Prospectus
Terry, Philip: Advanced Immorality
Walker, Nathan: Action Score Generator

Williams, Chrissy: Epigraphs