Pester, Holly: Hoofs








Published October 2011
80 pp
ISBN: 978-0-9558641-9-3

About the book
Following on from the short collection Interview Pieces, Hoofs is the first full length book of Pester’s performance scores. Somewhere in between Chopin and Stein the poems are at once hilarious and disturbing.

About the author
Holly Pester was born in Colchester in 1982. She now lives in London, teaching and researching at Birkbeck, University of London. Her PhD investigates the history of Sound Poetry and the poetics of analogue technologies. The sound texts and performance scores collected here have featured in various cross-disciplinary events, including the Serpentine Gallery Poetry Marathon, Text Festival 2011 and the Liverpool Biennial. In live scenarios her idiosyncratic vocal technique locates a poetic in between the disciplines of poetry performance, song and new media art.

Robert Kiely in the London Student (scan on the way)
Sally Shakti Willow in Reading Being Read