Atkins, Tim: 1000 Sonnets

1000 Sonnets
Published September 2010
138 pp
ISBN: 978-0955864179

About the book
The long awaited full set of Tim Atkins’ minimalist sonnets is finally here. First published by The Figures back in 2000 this if p then q collection contains over 100 extra sonnets to total 127. The title alludes to Kenneth Koch’s hilarious sequence of short plays/skits 1000 Avant Garde Plays and as ever Tim Atkins’ magic is in the spirit of that playfulness. You may have first clocked some of these delights in The Reality Street Book of Sonnets.

“Certainly a sonnet is possible in which these words fall in these places. Yet is not clear if anything, in fact, is missing. As such, the text stands mute, ironic, self-amused all at once”. Ron Silliman on Sonnet 91

About the author
Tim Atkins is the author of To Repel Ghosts (Like Books, 1998), 25 Sonnets (The Figures, 2000), Oriental Tapping (Faber 2006), Horace (O Books, 2007), Folklore (Salt, 2008), and Petrarch (Crater, 2010). A selected Petrarch is forthcoming from Barque, and Honda Ode is forthcoming from Oystercatcher.  He is editor of the online poetry journal onedit at

Eileen Tablos in Galatea Resurrects

Sonnets 16-18