Peter Jaeger interview on Walking Talking

11 Jun

Peter Jaeger is interviewed about his groundbreaking book Midamble as part of the Walking Talking podcast series.

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Link to Midamble –

P. Inman ‘Scratches’ – Coming Soon

11 Jun

New Inman collection with from if p then q coming out very soon.

Stephen Emmerson’s A Piece published today

24 Feb

Stephen Emmerson’s A Piece is out today. A whopping 480 pages priced at £12.00.

A sampler containing 200 pages of the book is available in one of the links below.

Essential reading as ever from if p then q and Emmerson.


About the book
A Piece is a sequence of poems created using a dictionary and Robert Creeley’s famous poem, A Piece.

The poems were composed using a variation on the Oulipo’s method N+7. In N+7 the writer removes nouns from an existing piece of literature, finds those words in a dictionary, reads 7 nouns (or entries) down the dictionary’s column and uses that new word as a replacement in the original text.

Using The Collins Paperback English Dictionary, published 1990, I selected both instances of the words ‘one’ in Creeley’s poem and replaced them with the next entry in the dictionary; an N+1. I then found the entry for two’, and moved two words forward in the dictionary; an N+2. Finally, I chose the entry for ‘three’, and moved three words forward; an N+3. For each of the poems in my versions of A Piece I repeated the process of N+1, N+2, N+3, using the new set of words as the starting point. The sequence ends after all the entries for the letter O — all the N+1s — were used up.

About the author
Stephen Emmerson’s publications include: ‘A never ending poem… (Zimzalla), Telegraphic Transcriptions (Dept Press / Stranger Press), No Ideas but in Things (Dark Windows Press), Albion (Like This Press), The Last Ward (Very Small Kitchen), Pharmacopoetics,(Apple Pie Editions) Stephen Emmerson’s Poetry Wholes & Family Portraits (if p then q), All my Pornography (The Red Ceilings), and Comfortable Knives (KFS).

A Piece sampler

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Mark Leahy reviews Peter Jaeger’s Midamble at Stride

22 Feb

Midamble is a walking book, not a book of guided walks, and not a book that discusses techniques or training for walking, but a walking book nonetheless. 

After Billy Mills’ review (see below) another thorough review, with many more angles covered.

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Billy Mills reviews Peter Jaeger’s Midamble

16 Feb

Peter Jaeger’s Midamble is a big book in every sense, although constructed from small units, a mosaic of phrases and sentences, each one functioning like the famous first step in the journey of  thousand Li

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Stephen Emmerson’s A Piece, coming soon

3 Feb

A proof arrived recently. Almost there with this amazing book.



Tom Jenks review Erkembode’s A Year at Work at Litter Magazine

12 Jan

These fragments, banal yet rendered elliptical through recontextualisation, accumulate, gathering momentum, assuming their own negative gravity through weight of numbers.

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