O’Sullivan, Maggie: Courtship of Lapwings

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Courtship of Lapwings
Published February 2021
ISBN: 978-1-9999547-7-2

About the book
Maggie O’Sullivan’s poetry demonstrates sheer energy, striking the ear, eye and mind in equal measures. The poems in Courtship of Lapwings (2005-2013) engage, in part, with the work and ideas of Mallarmé, John Clare and Charles Bernstein, whilst others invoke Bill Griffiths, Susan Howe, Helen Adam and Cecilia Vicuña. In O’Sullivan’s poetry word particles infuse and incant the natural world, with rage and compassion. To replicate the original manuscript the poems are presented in A4 format, hardback matte finish, with a number of the pages being printed in coloured text.

About the author
Maggie O’Sullivan was born in Lincolnshire to Irish parents. Poet, artist, editor, publisher, she has performed her work and published internationally since the late 1970s. In 1996 she edited the classic anthology of innovative writing by women, Out of Everywhere published by Reality Street. Her work has been anthologised widely, including in Poems for the Millennium Vol 2. She lives in the Pennines outside Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire

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SAMPLER – COURTSHIP of Lapwings sample pages
Glasgow launch (audio file)

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