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The Tragedy of Althusserianism

14 Oct

Tony Trehy muses over his forthcoming collection for if p then q:

A great week in Tampere.

The Tragedy of Althusserianism started badly – so badly in fact that within a couple of days of arriving and struggling hopelessly, I seriously considered giving up the writing break and flying home early. I found an internet connection and started costing up flights. Then returned to my computer, and as if the threat of stopping turned on a tap, 19 sections of the poem poured forth.

“ichnologic years after inserting one mental
state into another, the space between but
the excuses as color-naming systems
deviate from the predict of universal forces would


The Other Room 20

8 Oct

Counting Backwards

7 Oct

Crater publications launches

1 Oct

As well as 1000 Sonnets Tim Atkins recently published a selection of his Petrach Sonnets with Crater Press:

Tuesday 12th October, 7 – 11pm

Crater Press’s autumn list will be launching at this event. Featuring readings by:

  • Tim Atkins
  • Elizabeth Guthrie
  • Justin Katko
  • Michael Kindellan

The Old Red Lion, 42 Kennington Park Road, London SE11 4RS