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Tim Atkins Honda Odes

20 Jan

Tim Atkins has a new pamphlet out with Oystercatcher Press:

Tim Atkins – Honda Ode

 A5 12pp. ISBN: 978-1-905885-41-1

Although largely indescribable, this pamphlet reverses fast
fusing text & photographic imagery in ways which accurately
escape the sensations of making a fireblade or traversing
expensive adverts on a mule & then a tandem.
her pencil sized
cock made me drop
the tea cup


Lucy Harvest Clarke’s World Banner

12 Jan

if p then q author Lucy Harvest Clarke has a special little thing available now from avant objects publisher zimZalla:

“A series of 12 poems of 12 lines each overlaid on card globes each line for each 12 lines of latitude where 12 different correspondents are simultaneously creating one poem in a single globe and the work to be titled “World Banner” also consisting of a legend of all the poems included in the purchase price of £12 per globe.”


Conting Backwards 5

8 Jan

The Other Room 22

7 Jan