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Tom Orange in relationship to Stephen Emmerson’s Poetry Wholes

21 Apr

In a follow up to the previous post, in Tom Orange’s article in Jacket on the early Coolidge he proposes a Poetry Whole. In this incredibly interesting article he puts a Coolidge ‘Space’ template over works by Ted Berrigan and Kenneth Koch with highly interesting results.

If we pare down the Berrigan and Koch poems in an attempt to arrange their denser materials, the results not only bear a closer resemblance to Space, but allow us to see a different order informing the texts


Stephen Emmerson presents…Poetry Wholes

20 Apr


Poet Stephen Emmerson has worked with if p then q to create the incredible Poetry Wholes. Currently there are just 7 copies. That’s right 7 copies priced at £15 each. More may become available if there is demand. An explanation of what they are is below. And below that are some images of the box and its contexts along with two overjoyed users who are currently on work experience at if p then q. The Poetry Wholes are made of high quality laser cut Perspex and come housed in a box with a set of instructions. If you want to buy them see the bottom of this post or look in the ‘oddities’ tab.

What are they? Each Poetry Wholes contains 5 templates which you can use to make instantaneous poetry in a range of styles. Choose from the following:

  • Minimalism
  • The Sonnet
  • ‘Vito Acconci’
  • The Ballad
  • The ‘Slash’

How do I use them? Simply take a regular ‘A5’ size book such as a novel or a book of poems and place your template over the top. Now you have a poem!

How do I record my poem? Try writing them down the old fashioned way with a pen, photograph them or even cut the poem out using a craft knife – remember if you don’t own the book you should get permission from the owner before doing this!

Why not try? Literary texts and other ‘A5’ size books are not the only things to try! Why not try old packaging found around the house, your favourite websites or magazine and billboard adverts. The possibilities are endless!

One-wording The Society of the Spectacle

he chintzy

‘Vito Acconci’ applied to The Selected Poetry of Thomas Hardy

Using ‘The Slash’ over The Tales of King Arthur

King Arthur poem

Using ‘The Ballad’ on Babar

Please email to check availability:




Chrissy Williams’ Epigraphs reviewed by Sarah Gonnet

15 Apr

Chrissy Williams has taken advantage of a massive range of influences in order to create something fascinating.

More at the link LINK

Holly Pester and others at The Blue Bus

6 Apr
The Blue Bus is pleased to present a reading by Holly Pester, Doug Jones and Keith Jebb , on Tuesday , 15th April from 7.30 at The Lamb (in the upstairs room), 94 Lamb’s Conduit Street, London WC1. This is the eighty-seventh event in THE BLUE BUS series. Admissions: £5 / £3 (concessions). For future events in the series, please scroll down to the end of this message.

Keith Jebb runs the Creative Course at the University of Bedfordshire and is Vice Chair of the National Association of Writers in Education.  He has been publishing in magazines since the eighties, including Reality Studios and Joe Soap’s Canoe; more recent work in Veer About and the Reality Street Book of Sonnets.  Kater Murr’s Press brought out hide white space (2006) and tonnes (2008).  Doubles as bus conductor for the Blue Bus.

Doug Jones is 45, married with children, and is currently working as a junior doctor in Norfolk. He completed an MPhil on Bill Griffiths at Kings College in London and was a regular attender at the Writers Forum workshops under Bob Cobbing. Veer Press published Posts last year.  He has also had work published recently in Zone and scabsarerats magazines.

Holly Pester is a poet and multidisciplinary writer. Her performances and sound installations have featured at international events including a British Council funded visit to Mexico City, an artist’s residency at the dOCUMENTA 13, the Text Festival in Bury, and the Serpentine Gallery Poetry Marathon. Holly Pester’s poetry collection, Hoofs, was released with if p then q press in 2011 and her next collection, Folkslop is due out with Veer Books late 2014. She is currently artist in residence at the Women’s Art Library.