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Tom Jenks new book from if p then q – A Long and Hard Night Troubled by Visions

24 Jul


if p then q is very pleased to announce its latest publication

Tom Jenks’ A Long and Hard Night Troubled by Visions
The book costs £8 and is another stunner from Jenks

About the book
Visions is Jenks’ fourth book from if p then q and is yet another step in a different direction from one of the UK’s premier poets. In Visions Jenks uses prose poetry to explore British and globalized hinterlands using his warped imagination to produce cacophonous results. The book also contains a final suite which contains two longer narrative poems and a wheezy poem that transcribes smoking in Mad Men (and a little bit of reading of Frank O’Hara).

About the author
Tom Jenks is a Manchester-based poet who has a number of collections including three previously celebrated collections with if p then q – A Priori, * and Items. Jenks’ poetry is always hilarious but that’s not all. There’s a serious agenda at work from an astute poetic mind. He is also the editor of the press zimZalla. His website which gives information on other publications and news can be found at 

Visions sampler V2

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Tear Fet reviews the if p then q birthday reading on Soundcloud

13 Jul

Matt Dalby gives a detailed review of the night, the press, considers listening strategies and more.

if p then q 10 year bash tonight

11 Jul

Whatever football is on – or indeed anything else – come to this. You’re only 10 once.

if p then q 10 years poster


Tim Allen preview

9 Jul

Tim Allen will read at the if p then q 10 year bash in Manchester on 11th July. See here for more –

Tim is the author of a number of great absurdist & surreal collections. He recently published the conceptual Under the Cliff Like with if p then q. See here –

Peter Jaeger preview

6 Jul

Peter Jaeger will read at the if p then q 10 year bash in Manchester on 11th July. See here for more –

Peter’s latest book on if p then q is his epic book Midmable, which investigates walking and religious texts. More here

He has also published A Field Guide to Lost Things with if p then q, which is a recontextualisation of Proust’s Swann’s Way. See here –

Emma Cocker a preview

3 Jul

Emma Cocker will read at the if p then q 10 year bash in Manchester on 11th July. See here for more –

Her first full collection, The Yes of the No, is out now from Site press. This description gives you a flavour – The Yes of the No is the first collection by writer-artist Emma Cocker, which draws together selected fragments of writing produced in dialogue with, parallel to and
as art practice (from between 2007-2016). Existing in the space between imaginative proposition and a call to action, The Yes of
the No is an assemblage of provocations, proposals and potential ways of operating
- ranging from navigating the city and inhabiting the margins to errant acts of reading; from preparing for the unexpected
to learning how to ‘not know’, from minor acts of singular sedition to collective expressions of an insurgent ‘we’. Beginning with a meditation on the affirmative potential of no alongside the dissident capacity of yes-saying as a species of refusal, The Yes of the No advocates different models of daily practice through which to perform everyday life – the as is – in the subjunctive key of what if or even what might be. The Yes of the No takes the form of single-page prose paragraphs, which might be read in sequence or approached in the singular. Each page- paragraph is conceived as implicitly connected to others, yet with an identity (and name) of its own.

An if p then q collection is on the way.