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A very merry Christmas from Lewis Carroll

25 Dec

Ho ho ho

Holly Pester’s Hoofs makes the 3am longlist

20 Dec

See the rest at this LINK

if p then q reviewed in The London Student

6 Dec














if p then q is reviewed in Monday 5th December’s London Student by Samantha Marenghi.

Click HERE to read as a readable pdf

Tom Jenks and Chris McCabe Camarade project 2

5 Dec

A new website sees the second edition of Tom Jenks’ and Chris McCabe’s fruitful project get under way: LINK

Lucy Harvest Clarke and Martin Corless Smith

4 Dec
if p then q author, Lucy Harvest Clarke reading alongside Martin Corless Smith at:
Xing The LineWednesday, December 21, 2011, 7.30

The Apple Tree, Mount Pleasant, London