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Inman: what they say

31 Aug

 By fully semanticizing the so-called nonsemantic features of language, Inman creates dialectic of the recuperable & the unreclaimable, where what cannot be claimed is nonetheless most manifest. Charles Bernstein

Close Listening: Bernstein with Inman from 2005

30 Aug

Charles Berstein’s radio interview with Inman, 2005 – HERE

Inman: what they say

29 Aug

Inman reacquaints us with a full-blown sensual apprehension of language—a luxury we can’t or don’t permit ourselves when semantics predominates. … It is Inman’s pleasure to explore the warp and woof of the fabric of our linguistic intentions with all the meticulous humor words such as warp and woof evoke. Here the substantiating quality of the talisman, if nothing else, transforms our perceptions. Joan Retallack

Ad Finitum reviewed in six parts by Matt Dalby in 2009

28 Aug

A huge and excellent searching of Inman’s first if p then q book Ad Finitum by Matt Dalby in six parts.

I want to capture some sense of the fascination I feel, to indicate why I’m choosing to read a book that seems so resistant to reading. I want to demonstrate the attraction of the writing, the radical possibilities that it opens up, and the trust which it places in the reader.

The first part can be found HERE


Inman: what they say

27 Aug

Inman’s attention is unique. He’s a maker with respect for materials. There’s no excess & no lack. We need to learn to live like these writings. Rod Smith



Inman’s m’event as published in Matchbox in 2006

26 Aug




Inman: what they say

25 Aug

Inman’s space is fractured, the action is interrupted, the situation tense. Construct of equivalencies, ZIP Brouillons of painters, writers, and musicians, crisscrossed with erasures and corrections.

Susan Howe