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Adrian Slatcher and James Davies reading, 30th September

21 Sep

Tim Atkins – 1000 Sonnets

12 Sep

The long awaited full set of Tim Atkins’ minimalist sonnets is finally here. First published by The Figures back in 2000 this if p then q collection contains over 100 extra sonnets to comprise 127. The title alludes to Kenneth Koch’s hilarious sequence of short plays/skits 1000 Avant Garde Plays and as ever Tim Atkins’ magic is in the spirit of that playfulness. You will have clocked some of these delights in The Reality Street Book of Sonnets.

What Ron Silliman had to say about Sonnet 91:

Certainly a sonnet is possible in which these words fall in these places. Yet is not clear if anything, in fact, is missing. As such, the text stands mute, ironic, self-amused all at once.


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Openned Zine #3

6 Sep

Features a report on the recent if p then q book launches and live streams.

Third installment featuring:

  • Joe Luna and Steve Willey on SoundEye
  • Susana Gardner on the Greenwich Cross-Genre Festival
  • Harry Godwin explaining the Cleaves editorial process
  • Linus Slug curating recollections of the Morden Tower reading with contributions from Chris Stephenson, S J Fowler, Stephen Emmerson,
  • Nat Raha, Michael Zand, Gareth Durasow and Antony John
  • Jonny Liron exploring The Situation Room
  • David-Baptiste Chirot’s editorial for the forthcoming Openned Eyes online gallery
  • James Davies’ thoughts on live streaming readings following his if p then q broadcast
  • Lara Buckerton tackling The eBook Nova
  • Adrian Clarke’s primer on And
  • Stephen Emmerson’s introduction to blart

Plus regular features:

  • Bookface
  • Bird Puke
  • LogbayPhotography: in this issue, Amy De’Ath, Sharon Borthwick, Georgie M’Glug, Nat Raha and Tommy Peeps


Blog issues

6 Sep

There are some currently some issues with the design of the blog/opening page on this site. Please be patient and all will be made plush again.
Meanwhile the site is function as per usual.

Tom Jenks * launch 23rd June, 2010

4 Sep

Tom Jenks launches his book * at Odder Bar Manchester. This video was also streamed live to the internet using Ustream.

Lucy Harvest Clarke’s Silveronda Launch, June 23rd, 2010

4 Sep

Lucy Harvest Clarke reads from her if p then q collection, Silveronda, at Manchester’s Odder Bar and streamed live to the internet on Ustream

Geof Huth ntst launch, June 23rd 2010

4 Sep

Geof Huth launched his book ntst in the UK via Ustream technology. This was broadcast from Geof’s house in New York to Manchester’s Odder Bar and the internet.
Vodpod videos no longer available.