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Review of P. Inman’s reading at bridge Street books

11 Dec

On December 7th Bridge Street Books hosted a reading for the release of Written, the collected poems 1976-2013 of P. Inman. That the poet chooses to interrupt his own name with a period is mimetic of his poetics, which has been invested for decades in disrupting, erupting, and rupturing the normal flow of language.


P. Inman’s Written 1976-2013 reviewed at Galatea Resurrects 23

9 Dec

The landmark Written 1976-2013 by P. Inman, recently published by if p then q, is reviewed twice at the ever bulging Galatea Resurrects book review.

This from Steve Dickison’s review:

What one is impressed by is the consistency of the undertaking. From 1976 onward, Inman (gifted, one could say, with the look, sound, and semantic possibilities of his own name as a starter) takes the ‘face value’ of words to be as multiply loaded in values as they can be. If you stare into the word, do its letters start to revert ‘back’ to pictures, to ‘root’ or constitutive sonic ‘objects’? Or do they shift ‘forward’ to become these ‘new’ things slipped loose from what they’d been taken to be and to ‘stand for’?

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P. Inman and Doug Lang reading at Bridge Street Books

2 Dec


at Bridge Street Books presents

A party and reading for P. Inman’s Written 1976-2013


Please join us to celebrate the publication of P. Inman’s collected poems, Written 1976-2013, recently published by the UK press if p then q. This book is truly a landmark in the history of DC poetry. The volume offers an incredible introduction and reappraisal of the work of one of the twentieth and twenty first century’s most outstanding poets. It includes the collections: Platin, Ocker, Uneven Development, Think of One, Red Shift, Criss Cross, Vel, at. least., amounts. to., Ad Finitum and Per Se in ‘final’ versions, as well as a number of other previously uncollected poems. The volume also includes a sumptuous, lengthy essay by Craig Dworkin covering Inman’s career to date.

Longtime Inman friend and collaborator DOUG LANG: Born and raised in Wales, came to DC in 1973, ran Folio Reading series in the 1970s, edited and published Dog City magazine and Jawbone Books, taught writing at the Corcoran 37 years, most recent book is Dérangé. His selected poems, In the Works, is forthcoming from Edge Books.

PETER INMAN (writing as P. INMAN) was born in 1947 and raised on Long Island. He is a graduate of Georgetown University. Since 1980 he has worked at the Library of Congress, where he has been a union activist (i.e. shop steward, executive officer, union rep and contract negotiator) for Local 2910 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees AFSCME. He has described his politics as “class-based & socialist”. In addition to the books collected in Written his work has appeared in magazines and anthologies including the seminal anthologies In the American Tree and From the Other Side of the Century. He resides in Maryland with the poet Tina Darragh.

This is what Michael Golston has to say about Written 1976-2013:

The collected P. Inman! It’s about time—and a lot of other words—many of which have never been seen or heard before. Inman’s half-century project of the complete dérèglement de tous la langue marks one of the endpoints of the great arc of American poetry, where the bow bends all the way to touch the ground. You’ll find a pot of linguistic gold there: Written is writing written at the limits of written writing. Accompanied by Craig Dworkin’s fantastic introductory essay, this book is sure to become a classic in the ongoing history of the avant-garde.

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