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Geof Huth’s itinerary for the Text Festival

28 Apr

if p then q author Geof Huth will be in Bury, Manchester for the Text Festival 2011 this weekend. See his goings on HERE

Check out Geof’s great book ntst HERE

Gaffney/Davies book launches

19 Apr

An invitation to celebrate the launches of

David Gaffney’s The Half-Life of Songs published by Salt (


James Davies’ Plants published by Reality Street (

May 10th, 6.30pm
The International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Cambridge Street, Manchester
This is a FREE event

David Gaffney lives in Manchester and Durham. He is the author of Sawn Off Tales (2006), Aromabingo (2007), Never Never (2008), Buildings Crying Out, a story using lost cat posters (Lancaster litfest 2009), 23 Stops To Hull a set of stories about every junction on the M62 (Humber Mouth festival 2009) Sawn off opera a set of operas with composer Ailis Ni Riain (Radio Three, RNCM, Liverpool philharmonic and tete a tete festival London 2010 ) Destroy PowerPoint, stories in PowerPoint format for Edinburgh festival 2009, the Poole Confessions stories told in a mobile confessional box (Poole Literature festival 2010) and he has written articles for the Guardian, Sunday Times, Financial Times and Prospect magazine. His new collection of short stories, The Half-Life of Songs, is out now, and look out for his current project, Station Stories, in which six writer linked to the audience with wireless headphones, perform short stories in Manchester Piccadilly railway station. See for more.

James Davies is the author of Plants (Reality Street), The Manual Handling Process (Beard of Bees) and Acronyms (onedit); with Simon Taylor, as Joy as Tiresome Vandalism, aRb (if p then q) and Absolute Elsewhere (Knives Forks and Spoons). He edits if p then q ( and is one of the organisers of The Other Room poetry night and website (

Derek Henderson reviews at The Other room 23

14 Apr

Interesting discussions from Matt Dalby and Steve Waling

It was an ambitious programme this time. Derek Henderson read via live stream from Utah – and the other readers (Carrie Etter, Alec Finlay and Ken Edwards) were streamed out to the wider world. The venue was pretty packed and there were a number of new faces.

Derek Henderson reading from the recently released if p then q collection Thus & was the highlight of the evening for me. The collection is described as ‘a systematic erasure of Ted Berrigan’s 1964 collection The Sonnets.’

READ MORE at Santiago’s Dead Wasp

The last Other Room was a really terrific night – to think that it’s already got to three years is quite stupendous. Derek Henderson live-streamed from Utah was one of the highlights, as was seeing the poet and editor Carrie Etter reading from her Shearsman book, Divining for Starters. Ken Edwards was also good, as was Alec Finlay. It was an interesting evening that brought up some issues.


P. Inman’s Ad Finitum and Derek Henderson’s Thus & reviewed in Galatea 16 by Crg Hill and Eileen Tabios

8 Apr

The wonderful Galatea returns for its 16th outing with a whole host of things including reviews of two if p then q titles.

Crg Hill on Inman’s Ad Finitum

Eileen Tabios on Henderson’s Thus &: An Erasure of Ted Berrigan’s The Sonnets

The whole of Galatea

Derek Henderson’s Thus &: An Erasure of Ted Berrigan’s The Sonnets – Complete Reading & Live at The Other Room’s 3rd Birthday

7 Apr

The top video is a complete reading. The second was recorded live and streamed to The Old Abbey Inn in Manchester and the internet on 6th April 2011. Some poems were unread due to time constraints. The live reading starts a few minutes in and features an explanation and introduction to the project.



Thus & live stream details for performance at The Other Room, 6th April

4 Apr

Derek Henderson will be live streaming from Utah to the Other Room on 6th April at 7.30 UK time and 12.30 Utah time. For other places in the world check conversion times from the UK time. This reading will feature a number of his sonnets from Thus &: An Erasure of Ted Berrigan’s the Sonnets published by if p then q

This is the link for anyone who can’t make it but would like to watch.

Thus &: An Erasure of Ted Berrigan’s The Sonnets by Derek Henderson, updated concordance

3 Apr

Henderson’s fantastic book, Thus &, has a concordance which is especially useful in examining Berrigan’s The Sonnets. It has just been updated with instructions on how to use and get the most out of it.

Go to Derek Henderson’s page and click on the link to the concordance –