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Chrissy Williams reading at The Aldeburgh Poetry Festival

23 Oct
Chrissy Williams is reading at the event NEW VOICES
Sunday 9 November   12:00pm – 1:00pm
Britten Studio    £10


seekers of lice – Encyclops. available today

13 Oct

if p then q is very pleased to announce our 16th publication Encyclops. by seekers of lice. A link for sampling and purchase are below.


Published October 2014
40 pp
ISBN: 978-0957182752

About the book
A version of Encyclops. was handwritten on 142 paper bags with photographs and drawings. This work was exhibited at news of the world gallery, Deptford, London, November-December 2013. In this print version published by if p then q writing (encyclopedic bugs) is presented alphabetically. There is a sense of the style of Gertrude Stein of Tender Buttons & eroticism, perhaps a theme yet also a method used to intuit. Images and ideas are immediately in view then drift out again, just as fast, leaving the reader to return to the poem without knowing whether the experience is being repeated. It’s good good stuff.

About the author
seekers of lice is an artist and writer. Recent works include THEATRE OF OBJECTS 2012 (VerySmallKitchen) and Limber 2013 (The Knives, Forks and Spoons Press).


BUY NOW with good postage rates to both UK and North America


seekers of lice – a series of close ups

12 Oct

a series of close ups

wooden box  flowers  new pen  ink flow  er s fall to

about   death of     dread it   hand  some torso

boats  paint dripping  flower  ing colours  urge no

urgency  field to act in  lap lapping lapped.  Curtain calls

a fascination for chairs  relache the nightingale table

seekers of lice – an aureole of hair

11 Oct

an aureole of hair

here now this today I you

chic aplomb peaches

a dress blouse under .

novelty’s novelty’s worn

off all that’s left’s

biceps a clock

seekers of lice – ampoule

10 Oct


the swarm

no sweat

sweet wax



the hives

seekers of lice – amo amas amoeba

9 Oct

amo amas amoeba

  1. history
  2. anatomy
  3. movement

unicellular organisms do not have a regular shape

seekers of lice – alike

8 Oct



your tongue / wire / whim

& lemon plum or plumb

literal is not literal any

more but metaphorical

a line descends

the printer drills some holes

reminds of something else