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Chrissy Williams, Epigraphs – coming soon

25 Feb

Epigraphs by Chrissy Williams is coming soon. Starting 1st of March we preview her little pamphlet for if p then q

Tom Jenks’ * review by Sarah Gonnet

22 Feb

Tom Jenks’ brilliant second if p then q collection gets a positive review from Sarah Gonnet at her blog.

* is a harrowing read, mostly due to the alienating disconnection of words it is made up of. The collection reads like a series of clues about life- and it is this sense of mystery that makes the collection so exciting.

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Philip Terry’s Advanced Immorality reviewed by Steve Spence at Stride

21 Feb

Philip Terry’s if p then q collection Advanced Immorality is reviewed online at Stride magazine.

I loved reading these poems. Terry seems to be a natural writer, prolific, wide-ranging in terms of an expertise in formal constraint, as well as being an astute observer of the here and now, yet there’s an interest also in history and ‘how things get put together’ (particularly in ‘A Berlin Notebook’) which embraces the snapshot while suggesting a deeper engagement. Relaxation and control, a wonderful combination. Great stuff.

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