Archive | April, 2015


30 Apr

One Finger She went on, tracing a line with one finger across the lower part of her forehead.


29 Apr

Natural Behaviour Enraptured, as all of us are, at times, by the natural behaviour of a child.


28 Apr

Moonbeams He looked up from his victoria on those fine and frosty nights of early spring, and saw the dazzling moonbeams fall between his eyes and the deserted streets.


27 Apr

Lagoon The idea which I formed of Venice, from a drawing by Titian which is supposed to have the lagoon in the background, was certainly far less accurate than what I have since derived from ordinary photographs.


26 Apr

Keen Frost In a keen frost, I would feel the satisfaction of being shut in from the outer world.


25 Apr

Jackdaws It let fall at regular intervals flights of jackdaws which for a little while would wheel and caw.


24 Apr

Invisible Force Although her attitude was, doubtless, habitual and instinctive, one which she knew to be appropriate to such moments, and was careful not to forget to assume, she seemed to need all her strength to hold her face back, as though some invisible force were drawing it down towards Swann’s.