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Chrissy Williams and others read at Amid the Ruins

28 May

Amid the Ruins

Jennie Cole

Ken Edwards

Hazel Smith

Fiona Templeton

Chrissy Williams

7.00: 11 June 2014

Daniel Blau Gallery, Hoxton Square, London

Curated: Robert Hampson, Prue Chamberlain, Carrie Foulkes

In association with the Poetics Research Centre, Royal Holloway, University of London

Another review of Chrissy Williams’ Epigraphs

21 May

This time by Emma Lee.

The lightness of touch combined with the use of different voices that treat the subject or theme indirectly allows the sequence to transcend its subject. It’s both playful and structured.

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if p then q reviews round up at Stride

20 May

if p then q books operate in an interesting corner of the poetry publishing spectrum, embracing a range of experimental and ‘sound-based’ writers of differing persuasions and distinctions.

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Chrissy Williams’ Epigraphs reviewed by Steve Spence at Stride

9 May

Chrissy Williams if p then q collection Epigraphs gets a good mention in Steve Spence’s reviews round up in the latest batch of Stride reviews.

Clearly an interest in popular culture and the advent of the internet is combined here with a more ‘high-art’ tendency though the barriers appear to have totally broken down. Leaving aside the aforementioned ‘thematically-based texts’ there are some interesting juxtapositions at play, and juxtaposition – as well as choice – is clearly an important tool when working with existing materials.


Chrissy Williams on The Verb tonight discussing her if p then q book Epigraphs

2 May

Chrissy Williams will appear on The Verb tonight at 10pm. The show is broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and will be on iplayer for a week after that. This is a LINK to the webpage for the show.

This episode is described as: Radio 3’s ‘cabaret of the word’. Ian McMillan’s guests include Alex Preston, Sofie Hagen on comedy in English and Danish and the writer and director Sally Potter, who won over 25 international awards for her film ‘Orlando’. Sally discusses the craft of directing and the language used when working with actors.

Chrissy describes Epigraphs as: A sequence of 100 epigraphs, each of which could stand in for an individual poem, as well combining to form a single sequence in a hundred voices.

This is a LINK to purchase Epigraphs