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David Berridge’s Bring The Thing reviewed by Marton Koppany

30 Jan

Very witty small (I mean: minimalistic) (that’s for my taste — and my English! 🙂 constructions, and I laughed aloud more than once (much more), but sometimes I realized that my tears were there for crying and not for laughing (or for both, in synchrony). 


Geof Huth interviewed by Gary Barwin at Jacket

14 Jan

Geof Huth, author of if p then q collection ntst is interviewed HERE

The way I look at it, everything is extemporaneous, all creation is extemporaneous, it’s based on everything that’s come before, and all of a sudden it gets made. Even editing is an extemporaneous act that takes place after a different extemporaneous act. And so I went into performance because that made sense. I went into doing things at one point in time because it made sense.