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Free Verse Fair 2015

24 Aug

Free Verse: The Poetry Book Fair will be held on Saturday 26th September, 2015.

Free Verse is an all-day bazaar, market, library, meeting place, performance venue, information resource and more. Celebrating the vitality of contemporary poetry in the UK, publishers both large and small, both experimental and traditional, display and sell their work direct to the public.

if p then q is very pleased to once again have a stall at the fair which has over 85 publishers in attendance.¬†Aside from our back catalogue you’ll be able to look at the great books if p then q has published this last year: Nathan Walker’s Action Score Generator, seekers of lice’s Encyclops, Stephen Emmerson’s Family Portraits and Peter Jaeger’s Not the Booker Prize nominated A Field Guide to Lost Things.

It’s free entry and there are tonnes of readings and other good things going on.


Peter Jaeger’s A Field Guide to Lost Things reviewed at Stride by Steve Spence

8 Aug


I read through the whole text in one go and have dipped in a few times since and found the experience very pleasurable and stimulating. Whether or not this will induce me to read Proust ‘properly’ is a moot point

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