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Nathan Walker’s Action Score Generator event score #4

31 Jan


Nathan Walker’s Action Score Generator event score #3

30 Jan


Nathan Walker’s Action Score Generator event score #2

29 Jan


Nathan Walker’s Action Score Generator event score #1

28 Jan


Nathan Walker – Action Score Generator out ten days from now

27 Jan

Over the next ten days if p then q will be running some preview event scores from Nathan Walker’s fabulous  Action Score Generator. This is a print version of the Action Score Generator website and is published by if p then q in early February 2015. It also features a gorgeous essay by Mark Leahy.

Here’s what the preface says:

The Action Score Generator is a website that runs a JavaScript code and is available at The code produces a text of six words in length for six seconds. Every six seconds the six word text is replaced by another six word text and so on and so, the six word texts disappear.

If you want to enact the instructions, interpret the score, perform it or even imagine performing it, then six seconds might not be long enough.

If you want to read the texts aloud as poems or even read them silently in your head, then six seconds might not be long enough.

The Action Score Generator is short and fast but sometimes short and fast might not be long enough.

The print version is a six-minute performance by a machine writing ten six second texts every minute using only six words at a time. They are ordered as they were produced and remain unedited.

Tim Atkins and Philip Terry read at The Blue Bus

4 Jan

The Blue Bus is pleased to present a reading by Tim Atkins and Philip Terry on Tuesday 20th January from 7.30 at The Lamb (in the upstairs room), 94 Lamb’s Conduit Street, London WC1. This is the ninety-sixth event in THE BLUE BUS series. Admissions: £5 / £3 (concessions). For future events in the series, please scroll down to the end of this message.

Philip Terry was born in Belfast, and is currently Director of Creative Writing at the University of Essex.  He is the author of the lipogrammatic novel The Book of Bachelors, and the poetry collections Oulipoems, Oulipoems 2, and Shakespeare’s Sonnets.  His translations include Raymond Queneau’s last published book of poetry, Elementary Morality. Recent publications include the novel tapestry from Reality Street (2013), and Dante’s Inferno from Carcanet Press (2014).

Tim Atkins is a widely-translated and published poet, his work having appeared in The USA, Canada, France, Mexico, Catalunya, and the UK. Titles include Horace (O Books),The World’s Furious Song Flows Through My Skirt–a play (Stoma)1000 Sonnets (if p then q), Honda Ode (Oystercatcher), Petrarch (Book Thug), and 25 Sonnets (The Figures). The Complete Petrarch — published by Crater — was a Times Literary Supplement book of the year for 2014 and was a book of the year in the American arts magazine Salon.  A recent Summer Faculty member of The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University, h e is also editor of the online poetry journal onedit, and London correspondent for Lungfull poetry magazine.