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Catherine Vidler reviews Tom Jenks’ A Long and Hard Night Troubled by Visions at Galatea

10 Jan

I was reminded of childhood experiences of peering into a view-finder or a kaleidoscope in which sharp-edged geometry has dissolved into mellifluous interactivities of shape and hue.

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P. Inman’s Written 1976-2013 reviewed at Galatea Resurrects 23

9 Dec

The landmark Written 1976-2013 by P. Inman, recently published by if p then q, is reviewed twice at the ever bulging Galatea Resurrects book review.

This from Steve Dickison’s review:

What one is impressed by is the consistency of the undertaking. From 1976 onward, Inman (gifted, one could say, with the look, sound, and semantic possibilities of his own name as a starter) takes the ‘face value’ of words to be as multiply loaded in values as they can be. If you stare into the word, do its letters start to revert ‘back’ to pictures, to ‘root’ or constitutive sonic ‘objects’? Or do they shift ‘forward’ to become these ‘new’ things slipped loose from what they’d been taken to be and to ‘stand for’?

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