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if p then q displays at The Poetry Library’s Conceptual Poetics exhibition

25 May

Photos of exhibits at The Poetry Library’s current exhibition Conceptual Poetics. The photos below are works by if p then q authors. Also Matchbox, the predecessor project to if p then q has items on display. Sadly the Matchbox website went bonkers and is no longer running. Happily the Poetry Library has a digital archive of the project – HERE!

LINK to the Conceptual Poetics exhibition.

what's the best

Joy as Tiresome Vandalism (James Davies and Simon Taylor) What’s the Best? 



Tom Jenks, Items




Peter Jaeger, A Field Guide to Lost Things




Selections from Matchbox (from top left – Matthew Welton, Lisa Jarnot, Togara Muzanehamo, Craig Dworkin, Chris McCabe, Bill Griffiths)

Items reviewed by Ian Seed at Shadowtrain

27 Mar

The penultimate item of Items, number 999, is put in quotation marks: ‘We like lists because we don’t want to die’. No doubt this is true, but there are plenty of other reasons for liking Tom Jenks’ 1000-long list. For a start, it is full of silliness and irreverence. It beats the blues and makes you laugh (if you don’t believe me, try it for yourself).

Read more HERE about Tom Jenks’ incredible if p then q collection Items. The review also includes a review of another Jenks collection Crabtree.


Items reviewed by Steve Spence at Stride

20 Dec

This is poetry which is both ‘serious’ and ‘funny’ and Jenks is even more  aware than I am of the possibilities which can emerge from the ‘careful’ use  of quotation marks – [213]  ‘it is hard to ‘argue’ that ‘this’ is  ‘poetry” . Jenks is a cracking writer and great fun as well.


Items and Silveronda reviews

20 Nov

Two more reviews for if p then q authors Tom Jenks and Lucy Harvest Clarke at Sarah Gonnet’s blog.

The point that Jenks is trying to make, is both about how overrun with information we are in the modern world; but also about the permanence of writing. More HERE

Lucy Harvest Clarke knows how to use words. She can evoke huge emotions and issues with a verse only a few words long. Her writing is like a hospital IV: slowly dripping emotive twists and turns into your brain. More HERE.

David Berridge and Tom Jenks book launches at The Free Verse Poetry Fair

14 Aug


Full programme HERE

Free Verse Fair and Free Verse Fair Readings

13 Aug

The brilliant Free Verse Fair returns on 7th September. if p then q has a table and reading slot in the evening featuring Tom Jenks and David Berridge both launching their latest books. Many great publishers and books, see below and at the LINK



We are delighted to announce the full programme of free readings at this year’s Free Verse Poetry Book Fair!
All readings are free to attend.
They start in the day, at the Book Fair itself at Conway Hall, and will then go on into the evening at the nearby pub The Square Pig and Pen.
at Conway Hall (WC1R 4RL), 10.30am-5pm
10.30    Picador Lorraine Mariner, whose first collection Furniture was shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best First Collection and the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry Prize.
11.00    Knives, Forks & Spoons and West House Books     Geraldine Monk, Alan Halsey, Paul Sutton and Mark Burnhope reading from recent work published by KFS and West House Books.
11.30    Veer Books     Ollie Evans, Drew Milne and David Ashford reading from recent Veer publications.
12.00    Reality Street   Peter Hughes launches his Reality Street collection Allotment Architecture.
12.30    Valley Press     Matthew Hedley Stoppard, Jo Brandon and VP publisher Jamie McGarry present readings from their own works, and highlights from the Yorkshire-based publisher’s five-year poetic backlist.
13.00    Cultured Llama     Maggie Harris, Gordon Meade, Bethany W Pope and Hilda Sheehan showcasing their recent books, introduced by Maria C. McCarthy
13.30    Shearsman Books   Launch for 2013 Chapbook Series.
14.00    Flarestack Poets     Nichola Deane reading from her pamphlet My Moriarty, a winner in the 2012 Flarestack competition and a PBS pamphlet choice.
14.30    Five Leaves Press     Contemporary Yorkshire Poetry: Ian Parks introduces and reads from the recent anthology Versions of the North.
15.00    Eyewear Publishing   Caleb Klaces reading from his collection Bottled Air, winner of Eyewear’s Melita Hume Prize in 2012.
15.30    Ward Wood     New Poets Showcase featuring poets published in Bedford Square 6: New Writing from the Royal Holloway Creative Writing Programme taught by Andrew Motion and Jo Shapcott: readings from Judi Sutherland, Caroline Squire, Lavinia Singer and Sara Nesbitt.
16.00    Mulfran Press    Helen Lovelock-Burke reading new work, and Jenny Lewis reading English translations of Arabic poetry by Adnan al-Sayegh from Now as Then: Mesopotamia~Iraq. 16.30    New Departures/Poetry Olympics    Performers include singer-songwriter Vanessa Vie, and editor-poets Adam and Michael Horovitz – who will be performing from Adam’s Turning (Headland Publications), and Michael’s three recent Jazz Poetry SuperJam recordings (Gearbox Records).
at The Square Pig & Pen (WC1V 6NX), 6pm-9pm             18.00    Arc Publications    Christopher James reading from his second collection Farewell to the Earth, and Astrid Alben, Anglo-Dutch poet reading from her first collection Ai Ai Pianissimo!
18.30    Seren Books    Will include Marianne Burton reading from her debut She Inserts the Key.
19.00    Nine Arches Press    Chris McCabe and Jeremy Reed reading from their recent psychogeographic collaboration about London Whitehall Jackals.
19.30    if p then q    Tom Jenks reading from Items and David Berridge reading from Bring the Thing.
20.00    Egg Box    Poets from the Stop/Sharpening/Your/Knives 5 anthology introduced by Jack Underwood.
20.30    Burning Eye Books     Bang Said The Gun presents Dan Cockrill, Martin Galton, Peter Hayhoe and Salena Godden.

Tom Jenks Items launch video

20 Jun

Video footage of Tom Jenks launching his if p then q collection Items at The Other Room May 2013.