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Peter Jaeger interview on Walking Talking

11 Jun

Peter Jaeger is interviewed about his groundbreaking book Midamble as part of the Walking Talking podcast series.

Link – https://www.talkingwalking.net/peter-jaeger-talking-walking/

Link to Midamble – https://ifpthenq.co.uk/books/jaeger-peter-midamble/

Mark Leahy reviews Peter Jaeger’s Midamble at Stride

22 Feb

Midamble is a walking book, not a book of guided walks, and not a book that discusses techniques or training for walking, but a walking book nonetheless. 

After Billy Mills’ review (see below) another thorough review, with many more angles covered.

Read more here – http://stridemagazine.blogspot.com/2019/02/a-walking-book.html

Billy Mills reviews Peter Jaeger’s Midamble

16 Feb

Peter Jaeger’s Midamble is a big book in every sense, although constructed from small units, a mosaic of phrases and sentences, each one functioning like the famous first step in the journey of  thousand Li

Read more here –  https://ellipticalmovements.wordpress.com/2019/02/14/midamble-by-peter-jaeger-a-review/

Peter Jaeger talk on Midamble

27 Apr

peter j

You can hear Peter talk about some of the processes and motivation behind his stunning new book Midamble at PENN sound here – https://ifpthenq.co.uk/books/jaeger-peter-midamble/

The book has recently been published and is vital reading.

Peter Jaeger’s Midamble published today

22 Apr

Peter Jaeger’s stunning new book, Midamble, is out today priced at the snip of £12. If, by the end of April 23rd, when purchasing, you use the code SHIPIT2018 you’ll also receive free shipping. Just follow the link ‘BUY NOW’ at the end of this post.

Below is a photo and description of the book, as well as a sample extract.

midamble photo
Published April 2018
420 pp
ISBN: 978-1999954703

About the book
Midamble is a long poem that concerns Peter Jaeger’s interest in walking practice; in particular his travels on a variety of pilgrimage routes. A prose poem, it comprises two bands of text: the top level is a list of walking experiences whilst the bottom re-appropriates materials from comparative religion texts. Midamble is a poem that is clearer than crystal, and possesses a musical quality that is comparable to seminal and contemporary minimalist music.

The poem also has a life in durational performance. When read live Midamble demonstrates its consistency as well as its diversity. In such performances listeners are invited into a collective experience in which they can engage with ideas for as little as a moment or as long as several hours. Indeed, perhaps its most enduring feature is its quality of having no fixed entry or exit point.

About the author
Peter Jaeger is a Canadian poet, literary critic and text-based artist now living in the UK. His recent publications include John Cage and Buddhist Ecopoetics (Bloomsbury 2013) and 5404 (University of London Veer Press 2014). He has also published A Field Guide to Lost Things with if p then q. Jaeger is Professor of Poetics at Roehampton University in London.

Midamble SAMPLE



Peter Jaeger – Midamble video

18 Sep

A video of Peter Jaeger performing some of his epic Midamble which will be coming out in early 2018 from if p then q.