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Tom Jenks’ new title, A Long and Hard Night Troubled by Visions reviewed in Litter Magazine by Steve Spence

15 Aug

I love Tom Jenks’ poetry, it’s so playful and often hilariously funny yet there’s more going on beneath the surface than you might at first imagine. 

Go read more at the Litter website. Go on! – Here – http://leafepress.com/litter11/spence6/spence6.html

P. Inman’s Written reviewed in Tripwire 10

10 Apr


A really splendid and thorough review of P. Inman’s Written 1976-2013 by Ryan Gato in the new edition of Tripwire 10.

Here’s a taster –

In this way, Inman’ recent work strikingly contrasts with 21st century literary formations such as Flarf and Conceptualism, both of which attempt in their own ways to reclaim language from its instrumental, marketable, likeable usage. 

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