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if p then q reviewed in The London Student

6 Dec














if p then q is reviewed in Monday 5th December’s London Student by Samantha Marenghi.

Click HERE to read as a readable pdf

Tom Jenks What’s The Best Card

27 Jun

Based on the if p then q edition. Click HERE for rules. Click on the image to print out.

Station Stories

28 Mar

Tom jenks and others are performing at this exciting looking event. Follow the link to book tickets.

Manchester Literature Festival is delighted to be working with the Hamilton Project and Bury Text Festival on Station Stories – a unique site specific live literature promenade event using digital technology and live improvised electronic sound. From platform to platform, café to café and shop to shop, six writers (Jenn Ashworth, Tom Fletcher, David Gaffney, Tom Jenks, Nicholas Royle and Peter Wild) take you on a creative trip of Piccadilly station and read specially commissioned stories inspired by the station and the people who use it and work there.

Audiences are linked to the writers’ microphones by headsets using wireless technology, ensuring they hear every single word, whilst still experiencing the live ambience of the location. Take a journey into this marginal, in-between world, where anything can happen and often does.

Thursday 19th May – Saturday 21st May 2011 (performances at 12noon, 3pm and 7pm)
Manchester Piccadilly Train Station
Tickets £11 book on:


Tom Jenks * reviewed at Intercapilary Space

7 Aug

Philip Davenport reviews Tom Jenks fabulous *

“There’s no sense of an overarching schema, no symphony, no grand homophonic ending. This is channel-hopping faster than eye or ear, driven by panic and punctuated with nervous jokes. In the tone of it, I’m reminded of nobody so much as neurotic old Brit comedians, Kenneth Williams or Hancock, the weirdness of their emotional hygiene, the horror at the approach of their ogres. Held in the throat of the poem is Ken Williams’s skreeking laugh, Hancock’s tussle with the melancholy of each bloodied day.”

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