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Mark Leahy reviews Peter Jaeger’s Midamble at Stride

22 Feb

Midamble is a walking book, not a book of guided walks, and not a book that discusses techniques or training for walking, but a walking book nonetheless. 

After Billy Mills’ review (see below) another thorough review, with many more angles covered.

Read more here – http://stridemagazine.blogspot.com/2019/02/a-walking-book.html

Peter Jaeger’s A Field Guide to Lost Things reviewed at Stride by Steve Spence

8 Aug


I read through the whole text in one go and have dipped in a few times since and found the experience very pleasurable and stimulating. Whether or not this will induce me to read Proust ‘properly’ is a moot point

LINK to read more

Nathan Walker’s Action Score Generator reviewed by Steve Spence at Stride

18 Apr

Here’s an indication that the avant-garde, for want of a more reliable term, can have a sense of humour as well as being exploratory and innovative. Nathan Walker’s new book is a splendid tome, 600 poems, a poem per page, each centred in upper case type.

You can read more HERE

And in case you haven’t purchased, do so HERE


Items reviewed by Steve Spence at Stride

20 Dec

This is poetry which is both ‘serious’ and ‘funny’ and Jenks is even more  aware than I am of the possibilities which can emerge from the ‘careful’ use  of quotation marks – [213]  ‘it is hard to ‘argue’ that ‘this’ is  ‘poetry” . Jenks is a cracking writer and great fun as well.