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Review of Under The Cliff Like by Steve Spence

2 Oct

Steve Spence gives the thumbs up to Under The Cliff Like in his review at Litter magazine.

These are poems to dip into, to read through at a gallop and then have another look later. They will entertain, entrance and cause great puzzlement if you attempt to read for meaning too literally.

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Tim Allen – Under The Cliff Like

16 Sep

if p then q is back after a little break and with a new cover design. Tim Allen’s Under The Cliff Like is first up and is available at 30% discount until the end of December online.

undercliff cover Nielsen

196 pages
£8.00 (£5.60 with discount via the link below)

About the book
‘Under The Cliff Like’ is constructed from the ‘Title And First Line Index’ in the 1962 edition of ‘Granger’s Index To Poetry’ (Columbia University Press. U.S.A.) which was found in a junk shop. It was written in 1996. In alphabetical order all entries beginning with ‘Like’ are juxtaposed with the equivalent number of entries beginning with ‘Under’. There are no alterations other than elimination of commas and the capital letter of the juxtaposed line plus the insertion of full stops at the end of each pairing.

About the author
Tim Allen Edited the magazine Terrible Work and ran the Poetry Exchange and Language Club events in Plymouth. Now lives near Preston. Publications
include Settings (Shearsman 2008), Anabranch with Slug – a robotic pastoral in honor of Raymond Roussel (Knives Forks & Spoons 2011), incidental harvest (Oystercatcher 2011) and The Voice Thrower (Shearsman 2012), a single long poem of 333 quatrains described by Ian Seed as ‘the fragmented bildungsroman of a generation who have grown up in a postmodern world’. Also co-edited a book of interviews with British poets, Don’t Start Me Talking (Salt 2006).His poetry, though situated in the post-avant, innovative and radical streams, has its roots in symbolist euphony and surrealism.

SAMPLE – Under the cliff like sample


Like a bulwark against…

15 Sep

Like a bulwark against fate under a Lady’s picture.

undercliff cover Nielsen

published 16th September 2017

Under a grey October sky like a bread…

14 Sep

Under a grey October sky like a bread without the spreaden.

undercliff cover Nielsen

published 16th September 2017

Like a blind spinner…

13 Sep

Like a blind spinner in the sun under a daisied bank.

undercliff cover Nielsen

published 16th September 2017

Under a budding hedge I hid like…

12 Sep

Under a budding hedge I hid like a black enamoured king whispered low the thunder.

undercliff cover Nielsen

published September 16th 2017

Like a bird…

11 Sep

Like a bird that trails a broken wing under a bridge of stone the river shuddered by.

undercliff cover Nielsen

published 16th September 2017