Free Verse Book Fair – save the date

22 Jul

if p then q is once again delighted to be running a bookstall at The Free Verse book fair.


Stephen Emmerson’s Poetry Wholes are sold out but available to use at these two libraries

7 Jun

There were only 11 copies of Stephen Emmerson’s Poetry Wholes made. Two find good homes in libraries. If you’d like to use them but were unable to purchase here they are: The Poetry Library London (UK) and Buffalo Special Collections (USA).

Click HERE for more on the project.

Yet another review of Epigraphs!

1 Jun

Chrissy Williams’ if p then q publication Epigraphs gets another review. This time by Francesca Shaw at Dead Ink.

As an editor, Williams has a duty to the intentions of the writer as well as to the reader’s experience. Putting herself in the driver’s seat, she has freed herself of this obligation. Though the words are not her own, her poetic voice is remarkably strong. She constructs meaning and communicates with the reader through the clever linear arrangement of quotations from works belonging to a mix of time periods, moods and genres; we can skip from Confucius to Shaun of the Dead and it just works.

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Chrissy Williams and others read at Amid the Ruins

28 May

Amid the Ruins

Jennie Cole

Ken Edwards

Hazel Smith

Fiona Templeton

Chrissy Williams

7.00: 11 June 2014

Daniel Blau Gallery, Hoxton Square, London

Curated: Robert Hampson, Prue Chamberlain, Carrie Foulkes

In association with the Poetics Research Centre, Royal Holloway, University of London

Another review of Chrissy Williams’ Epigraphs

21 May

This time by Emma Lee.

The lightness of touch combined with the use of different voices that treat the subject or theme indirectly allows the sequence to transcend its subject. It’s both playful and structured.

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if p then q reviews round up at Stride

20 May

if p then q books operate in an interesting corner of the poetry publishing spectrum, embracing a range of experimental and ‘sound-based’ writers of differing persuasions and distinctions.

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Chrissy Williams’ Epigraphs reviewed by Steve Spence at Stride

9 May

Chrissy Williams if p then q collection Epigraphs gets a good mention in Steve Spence’s reviews round up in the latest batch of Stride reviews.

Clearly an interest in popular culture and the advent of the internet is combined here with a more ‘high-art’ tendency though the barriers appear to have totally broken down. Leaving aside the aforementioned ‘thematically-based texts’ there are some interesting juxtapositions at play, and juxtaposition – as well as choice – is clearly an important tool when working with existing materials.



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