25 Apr

Jackdaws It let fall at regular intervals flights of jackdaws which for a little while would wheel and caw.


24 Apr

Invisible Force Although her attitude was, doubtless, habitual and instinctive, one which she knew to be appropriate to such moments, and was careful not to forget to assume, she seemed to need all her strength to hold her face back, as though some invisible force were drawing it down towards Swann’s.


23 Apr

Hands and Knees It is quite tiring enough for the most active person, especially as you have to go on your hands and knees.


22 Apr

Grapes Ask the Doctor; he will tell you that those grapes act on me like a regular purge. She was obliged to put straight the bunch of black grapes which she had in her hair.


21 Apr

Fern A fern which I had never found among the woods.


20 Apr

Every Fold of the Sky My father caught sight of it, as it slipped into every fold of the sky.


19 Apr

Dog Roses How simple and rustic, in comparison with these, would seem the dog roses which, in a few weeks’ time, would be climbing the same hillside path in the heat of the sun, dressed in the smooth silk of their blushing pink bodices, which would be undone and scattered by the first breath of wind.


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