Writing / Exhibition / Publication

Exhibition starts today at The Pigeon Wing Gallery London, curated by Very Small Kitchen/David Berridge. Featuring if p then q books, Matchbox, Joy as Tiresome Vandalism’s Nojagtig Pamplemousse and James Davies’ Acronyms series amongst a host of other things.

The Pigeon Wing


3rd of Sept – 3rd of October

Preview: 3rd of September 6:30 – 9:30pm

Curated by VerySmallKitchen

Top Floor (front),
Guild House Rollins Street,
London,United Kingdom.
SE15 1EP


Hammam Aldouri
Phil Baber
Julia Calver
Maurice Carlin
Anne Charnock
Rachel Lois Clapham
Emma Cocker
Simon Cutts
Matt Dalby
James Davies
Sonia Dermience
Karen Di Franco
Marianne Holm Hansen
Sarah Jacobs
Joy as Tiresome Vandalism
The Knives, Forks and Spoons Press
Helen Kaplinsky
Márton Koppány
Freek Lomme/ Onomatopee
Matthew MacKisack
Marit Muenzberg/ LemonMelon
Tamarin Norwood
Pippa Koszerek
Mary Paterson
Press Free Press
Red Fox Press
Colin Sackett
Seekers of Lice
Mary Yacoob


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