Openned Zine #3

Features a report on the recent if p then q book launches and live streams.

Third installment featuring:

  • Joe Luna and Steve Willey on SoundEye
  • Susana Gardner on the Greenwich Cross-Genre Festival
  • Harry Godwin explaining the Cleaves editorial process
  • Linus Slug curating recollections of the Morden Tower reading with contributions from Chris Stephenson, S J Fowler, Stephen Emmerson,
  • Nat Raha, Michael Zand, Gareth Durasow and Antony John
  • Jonny Liron exploring The Situation Room
  • David-Baptiste Chirot’s editorial for the forthcoming Openned Eyes online gallery
  • James Davies’ thoughts on live streaming readings following his if p then q broadcast
  • Lara Buckerton tackling The eBook Nova
  • Adrian Clarke’s primer on And
  • Stephen Emmerson’s introduction to blart

Plus regular features:

  • Bookface
  • Bird Puke
  • LogbayPhotography: in this issue, Amy De’Ath, Sharon Borthwick, Georgie M’Glug, Nat Raha and Tommy Peeps


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