Free Verse Book Fair, 24th September complete reader line-up

Readers at The Free Verse Book Fair organised by Charles Boyle

Location: Exmouth Market Centre, 24 Exmouth Market, London, EC1R 4QE.
Time: ‎10:00AM Saturday, September 24th10.30-11   Ward Wood
                Sue Guiney and Peter Phillips     

11-11.45   Michael Horovitz

12-12.30 Happenstance Press  
 Jon Stone, Kirsten Irving, Lorna Dowell, Peter Daniels, Clare Best and D A Prince

12.30-1 Nine Arches Press 
 Ruth Larbey and Matt Merritt

1-1.30   Reality Street 
 Jim Goar and James Davies

1.30-2   Rack Press 
 Roisin Tierney, Nicholas Murray and Katy Evans-Bush
2-2.30   CB Editions
Christopher Reid and Nancy Gafford   

2.30-3   Carcanet
      Will Eaves and Ian Pindar

3-3.30   if p then q
Lucy Harvest Clarke and Tim Atkins

3.30-4   Flipped Eye
Max Wallis and Kate McLoughlin

4-4.30   Penned in the Margins
Gemma Seltzer and Siddhartha Bose

4.30-5   Waterloo Press
Jeremy Reed, Niall McDevitt and Philip Ruthen

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