Holly Pester, Two events: Maintenant IX & Electric Voice Phenomena

Holly Pester, author of the recently published if p then q collection Hoofs will be performing at the following two amazing looking events.

Maintenant IX













Note this event also features if p then q authors Tim Atkins and Tom Jenks

Electric Voice Phenomena

A showcase of artists mimicking and manipulating electronic processing in vocal performance. Part of Mercy’s Overlap programme exploring shared territory across music/writing/performance, this event features a premiere of a new work by former Poet in Residence at the Bluecoat, Nathan Jones with Tom Rea Smith, plus Tuvian throat singer Soriah, Holly Pester colluding in the Uncanny Valley, Mark Leahy operating between digital and analogue to generate song lyrics and looping rhythmic texts, and Emma Bennett talking like a bird about a bird. New possibilities in spoken word for the finale of this year’s C&V festival.

For more information visit www.mercyonline.co.uk

Bluecoat Art Gallery, Liverpool Sunday 16th October, 8.30-10.30, £5/£4

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