Inman: what they say

23 Aug

Hardly anything seems strange enough anymore—“reality. as. a. normative. effect,”—at least P. Inman still works the front lines. With evidence shimmer, no things but in letters & space & punctuation, political paying off perforation. This arranges tantalizing raw (& V-effected) materials for us to construct (& live in) a life, a milieu. With zero bluster—”language.larger”—contra code everywhere, a clip-o-matic audacity & atomic redlining to thrill. Syllables leave their lipstick as synonyms for individual letters. Cuts the each, so let’s go watch cells divide—“of. someone. / else’s. dictionary.”—as decompression “leaked. agency.” for “language. without. a. channel.” Not to complacently cooperate with a fetish or impress with imagery & optic sugaring, not to wield massageish ‘content’ to represent something already built, an institutionalized titanic humanizing the pin-ups or invoice behavior as contentment as containment. The already is uninhabitable. Let’s de boss!

Bruce Andrews

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