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Interview with Erkembode

7 Dec

An Interview with Erkembode

ERKEMBODE’s A Year at Work is available HERE priced at £4 plus postage.

IPTQ: Was the piece written over a year?

Erkembode: Many Post-It® notes were scrawled on to bring us this information over the course of a year (minus annual leave and bank holidays). I caught the bullets of daily reception drive-bys and took a trip to the United States of America. That reminds me I must fill out an Accident at Work form. Here is a receipt to prove that I travelled to the United States of America.

NY receipt

IPTQ: How many years have you got left at work have you got left and do you dig it?

E: In the year 2054, according to gov[dot], my state pension will kick in so I’ve got about 36 years left on the slog. I do not dig this at all but at least everything will be a gigantic spectacle of pure hallucinatory craziness like in Blade Runner 2049. Swings and roundabouts.

IPTQ: How did the collaboration with Davis work?

E: At first I thought Davis was one of my alter-egos but it turned out he was one of my ‘colleagues’. We met in a work training session in which we had to mutually strangle each other. It was traumatic but we had each other, kindred souls in the boardroom. I needed someone to bounce A Year at Work back and forth with, and I knew I wanted to exorcise it in a performance, so Davis became the singer of the songs and I choose to be the unsettled rhythm of the days of the week.

IPTQ: What is the meaning of a 2 for 1?

E: Accepting the lie. A cosy pair of slippers when you’ve only got one foot.

IPTQ: Why and how – the choice to select the images in the book?

E: Training course booklets are nearly always printed PowerPoint presentations with a few poorly placed images in them, sort of mandalas to drift us to the awkward coffee and biscuit break or deface. The images just sort of floated in from Google image search. Please don’t tell Google, or the people that made/own the images.

IPTQ: What’s the most pointless thing you’ve ever been paid to do?

E: Handing out maps, directing you to where you can buy a map of the building. Or something like that. Last night I watched Labyrinth. I wish work was like the end bit when Sarah is dancing and laughing about with Ludo, Hoggle and all the goblin puppets in her bedroom. That wouldn’t be pointless, it would be joyous and righteous.

IPTQ: How many crap sandwiches have you been through?

E: TOO MANY. It’s an addiction really. Work-guilt-overtime-payday-punishment. £1 cheese and onion flagellation. We’ve officially lost the plot. The meal deal seals the deal. Here’s a receipt of one of my egg and cress sandwiches. Actually it was a roll so they bumped it up to £2. Egg. Cress. Roll.  Another day, another meal deal.

egg sandwich receipt


Stephen Emmerson talking at Artblab

5 Dec

Stephen Emmerson will be talking about his upcoming if p then q book ‘A Piece’ at this great looking event.

Five groundbreaking artists. Five laid-back talks. One evening not to miss.

The December artBLAB is just around the corner we are extremely excited! Our lovely evening of informal talks is returning on the 16th of December in The Canvas Cafe. Join us at 7pm for an evening of talks about art and its whereabouts and discover the processes and works of 5 ground-breaking artists, from up-and-coming young designers to established poets!

This time we give you:

– experimental poet Stephen Emmerson

– photographer Christopher Andreou

– interaction designer and academic Tobias Revell

– VR & VJ artist and entertainer Andor Merks

– illustrator Kourtney York

Sun 16 December 2018
19:00 – 21:30

The Canvas: Cafe & Creative Venue
42 Hanbury Street
E1 5JL


Erkembode reading from A Year at Work

4 Dec

A performance of Erkembode’s new book from if p then q – A Year at Work – at The Other Room April 2017.

Get the book HERE


New if p then q title: A Year at Work by Erkembode!

1 Dec

Grab a copy now. Lovely edition. By Erkembode. AKA David Kelly-Mancaux.


56 pp including 4 colour pages
£4.00 + £1 postage (£6 postage worldwide – and sorry!)

About the book
All words written by Erkembode except those lifted and collaged from GEESE, Mary Gautier, Morrissey, receipts and assorted training handouts.  Typical if p then q stuff. Check the sample.

About the author
Erkembode is a European artist, mimihist and part-time receptionist.

Year at work V1 sampler

BUY NOW worldwide

Tom Jenks’ A Long and Hard Night Troubled by Visions translated into Swedish

28 Aug

Tack skal du ha to Joakim Norling for translating some poems from Tom Jenks’ latest book A Long and Hard Night Troubled by Visions

from 1984

Efter sex dagar i skogen, nådde jag slutligen 1984. Stammen som levde där välkomnade mig. Jag satt på en mossig stock, åt en rostad smörgås och drack amerikansk vaniljläsk ur en ihålig sten.


Tom Jenks’ new title, A Long and Hard Night Troubled by Visions reviewed in Litter Magazine by Steve Spence

15 Aug

I love Tom Jenks’ poetry, it’s so playful and often hilariously funny yet there’s more going on beneath the surface than you might at first imagine. 

Go read more at the Litter website. Go on! – Here –

Tom Jenks new book from if p then q – A Long and Hard Night Troubled by Visions

24 Jul


if p then q is very pleased to announce its latest publication

Tom Jenks’ A Long and Hard Night Troubled by Visions
The book costs £8 and is another stunner from Jenks

About the book
Visions is Jenks’ fourth book from if p then q and is yet another step in a different direction from one of the UK’s premier poets. In Visions Jenks uses prose poetry to explore British and globalized hinterlands using his warped imagination to produce cacophonous results. The book also contains a final suite which contains two longer narrative poems and a wheezy poem that transcribes smoking in Mad Men (and a little bit of reading of Frank O’Hara).

About the author
Tom Jenks is a Manchester-based poet who has a number of collections including three previously celebrated collections with if p then q – A Priori, * and Items. Jenks’ poetry is always hilarious but that’s not all. There’s a serious agenda at work from an astute poetic mind. He is also the editor of the press zimZalla. His website which gives information on other publications and news can be found at 

Visions sampler V2

BUY NOW with good postage rates overseas