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if p then q displays at The Poetry Library’s Conceptual Poetics exhibition

25 May

Photos of exhibits at The Poetry Library’s current exhibition Conceptual Poetics. The photos below are works by if p then q authors. Also Matchbox, the predecessor project to if p then q has items on display. Sadly the Matchbox website went bonkers and is no longer running. Happily the Poetry Library has a digital archive of the project – HERE!

LINK to the Conceptual Poetics exhibition.

what's the best

Joy as Tiresome Vandalism (James Davies and Simon Taylor) What’s the Best? 



Tom Jenks, Items




Peter Jaeger, A Field Guide to Lost Things




Selections from Matchbox (from top left – Matthew Welton, Lisa Jarnot, Togara Muzanehamo, Craig Dworkin, Chris McCabe, Bill Griffiths)

Steven Fowler’s books of the year at 3 am magazine

13 Dec

S J Fowler gives the thumbs ups to Peter Jaeger’s A Field Guide to Lost Things over at 3 am magazine.

Clever, resonant and profound, as all of Peter Jaeger’s works are, a fine example of the possibilities of contextual, process-orientated thinking getting to the heart of contemporary poetry.


Peter Jaeger’s A Field Guide to Lost Things reviewed by Eileen Tabios

2 Dec

I was enchanted by this book!

Read more HERE and lots of other great things in issue 25 of the brilliant reviews magazine.

Peter Jaeger’s A Field Guide to Lost Things reviewed at Stride by Steve Spence

8 Aug


I read through the whole text in one go and have dipped in a few times since and found the experience very pleasurable and stimulating. Whether or not this will induce me to read Proust ‘properly’ is a moot point

LINK to read more

Video: Peter Jaeger reading from A Field Guide to Lost Things

8 Jul

Peter Jaeger’s recent 3 hour, non-stop, durational reading of his A Field Guide to Lost Things at The Hardy Tree Gallery, Kings Cross

Chrissy Williams, Nathan Walker, Stephen Emmerson and seekers of lice book launch videos

30 Jun

Videos from the evening performances of recent if p then q book launches held at The Hardy Tree Gallery in Kings Cross – Nathan Walker (Action Score Generator), Chrissy Williams (Epigraphs), Stephen Emmerson (Stephen Emmerson’s Poetry Wholes and Family Portraits forthcoming) & seekers of lice (Encyclops.).

Thanks to Steven Fowler for helping arrange this and for filming.

Peter Jaeger’s 3 hour performance of A Field Guide to Lost Things to follow tomorrow.

Peter Jaeger – Poetics with examples

14 May

Recent if p then q author Peter Jaeger gives a short explanation of his book A Field Guide to Lost Things in the latest and special Canadian issue of the Volta.