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Stephen Emmerson preview

30 Jun

Stephen Emmerson will read at the if p then q 10 year bash in Manchester on 11th July. See here for more – https://ifpthenq.co.uk/2018/03/02/if-p-then-q-ten-year-birthday-party-in-manchester/

Stephen has two wonderful conceptual poetry items published with if p then q. They are the template set Poetry Wholes (now in its second edition) & Family Portraits.

They’re here https://ifpthenq.co.uk/odditiies/stephen-emmerons-poetry-wholes-second-edition/ & here –  https://ifpthenq.co.uk/books/emmerson-stephen-family-portraits/ 

A substantial set of poems riffing on Robert Creeley’s A Piece is forthcoming from if p then q.

Poetry Wholes blog piece at Nice Cuts

7 Jun

The very lovely people at Nice Cuts have published a blog post in which Stephen Emmerson and James Davies reflect on Poetry Wholes. Here’s a snippet –

I often perform using the Poetry Wholes. I ask members of the audience for a book. I need five in total. I ask for prose books (not poetry), and I get novels, textbooks, newspapers, instruction manuals and other interesting textual artefacts. I then place each of the Poetry Wholes over a page in each of the books and improvise a poetic reading. By that, I mean I use rhythm. I love doing it. I’ve done it scores of times since they were first published in 2014. I never know what I’m going to get.

The Poetry Wholes act as windows into a poetry that surrounds us. It’s everywhere, but we can’t always see it. Often a poem is about what’s not visible, what’s not tangible, and I hope that the Wholes create tiny portals into those murky spaces where art exists in the boundaries of the everyday.


Stephen Emmerson’s Poetry Wholes – second edition

19 Apr

Coming soon. For anyone that missed the first edition there’s info HERE.

Stephen Emmerson and Philip Terry reading time amendment

12 Sep

Stephen Emmerson & Philip Terry will read from their if p then q collections – Family Portraits, Stephen Emmerson’s Poetry Wholes & Advanced Immorality at this year’s Free Verse Fair:

September 17th
3.30pm at Conway Hall (not 3pm as advertised previously)
Free Entry

Stephen Emmerson’s Poetry Wholes are sold out but available to use at these two libraries

7 Jun

There were only 11 copies of Stephen Emmerson’s Poetry Wholes made. Two find good homes in libraries. If you’d like to use them but were unable to purchase here they are: The Poetry Library London (UK) and Buffalo Special Collections (USA).

Click HERE for more on the project.

Tom Orange in relationship to Stephen Emmerson’s Poetry Wholes

21 Apr

In a follow up to the previous post, in Tom Orange’s article in Jacket on the early Coolidge he proposes a Poetry Whole. In this incredibly interesting article he puts a Coolidge ‘Space’ template over works by Ted Berrigan and Kenneth Koch with highly interesting results.

If we pare down the Berrigan and Koch poems in an attempt to arrange their denser materials, the results not only bear a closer resemblance to Space, but allow us to see a different order informing the texts


Stephen Emmerson presents…Poetry Wholes

20 Apr


Poet Stephen Emmerson has worked with if p then q to create the incredible Poetry Wholes. Currently there are just 7 copies. That’s right 7 copies priced at £15 each. More may become available if there is demand. An explanation of what they are is below. And below that are some images of the box and its contexts along with two overjoyed users who are currently on work experience at if p then q. The Poetry Wholes are made of high quality laser cut Perspex and come housed in a box with a set of instructions. If you want to buy them see the bottom of this post or look in the ‘oddities’ tab.

What are they? Each Poetry Wholes contains 5 templates which you can use to make instantaneous poetry in a range of styles. Choose from the following:

  • Minimalism
  • The Sonnet
  • ‘Vito Acconci’
  • The Ballad
  • The ‘Slash’

How do I use them? Simply take a regular ‘A5’ size book such as a novel or a book of poems and place your template over the top. Now you have a poem!

How do I record my poem? Try writing them down the old fashioned way with a pen, photograph them or even cut the poem out using a craft knife – remember if you don’t own the book you should get permission from the owner before doing this!

Why not try? Literary texts and other ‘A5’ size books are not the only things to try! Why not try old packaging found around the house, your favourite websites or magazine and billboard adverts. The possibilities are endless!

One-wording The Society of the Spectacle

he chintzy

‘Vito Acconci’ applied to The Selected Poetry of Thomas Hardy

Using ‘The Slash’ over The Tales of King Arthur

King Arthur poem

Using ‘The Ballad’ on Babar

Please email to check availability: