if p then q What’s The Best

Collect them all here on the if p then q website:


  1. Deal out all cards into piles to as many people are playing
  2. Players are only permitted to look at the top card in any one round
  3. Choose someone to begin
  4. This person chooses one of the five categories from their card, which they hope is the best, and pits it against the other players’ top cards
  5. The person with the winning number takes all the cards from that round and play recommences
  6. To win the game you must gain all the cards
  7. The statistics in the categories are judged as being superior and inferior accordingly:
    Poems = most is the winner
    Pages = most is the winner
    Price = highest or lowest is the winner (you decide)
    Amazon ranking = lowest is the winner
    Google results = highest is the winner
    (NB Google results is based on typing in the poet’s name and complete title of the publication)

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