Enemies of the north

An event featuring lots of if p then q poets and lots more

Enemies of the North – March Saturday 30th at the Cornerhouse in Manchester. 5.30pm to 9pm in the Annexe room – entrance free. A special Camarade event, a day of original collaborations in poetry, sonic art and visual art, celebrating the resurgent energy of the northwest innovative poetry scene. In addition to the launch of 3 collaborative publications involving SJ Fowler, the event will feature performance by:

•Zoe Skoulding & Robert Sheppard
•Richard Barrett & Nathan Thompson
•Sarah Crewe & Jo Langton
•Michael Egan & Bobby Parker
•Steven Waling & Matt Dalby
•Adam Steiner & Eleanor Rees
•James Byrne & Sandeep Parmar
•SJ Fowler & Marcus Slease
•Daniele Pantano & David Kelly
•Tom Jenks & Chris McCabe
•Ben Morris

Enemies of the South – April Saturday 27th at the Arnolfini in Bristol – 6.30pm to 7.30pm in the Light Studio. Enemies presents a special one off Camarade event as part of the remarkable 4 day programme at the Arnolfini in Bristol, which sees avant garde poetry and performance art at the forefront of a wonderful festival programme. The event will feature:

•Holly Pester & Emma Bennett
•Tim Atkins & Mark Waldron
•David Berridge & James Wilkes
•Patrick Coyle & SJ Fowler
•Daniel Rourke & Claire Potter
•Jeff Hilson & Marcus Slease
•Tom Jenks & Chris McCabe

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