Post-Easter Pandemonium

covers_together.jpgif p then q sale

Things can’t get much cheaper than this! The following books are discounted until the end of May. Stock up on a bunch and save on postage:

Beaulieu, Derek: The Unbearable Contact with Poets Was £5 Now £3.50

Berridge, David: Bring the Thing Was £8 Now £3.20

Clarke, Lucy Harvest: Silveronda Was £8 Now £3.20

Henderson, Derek: Thus &  Was £8 Now £3.20

Inman. P: Written 1976-2013 Was £20 Now £14

Jaeger, Peter: A Field Guide to Lost Things Was £7 Now £4.90

Jenks, Tom: * Was £8 Now £3.20

Jenks, Tom: A Priori Was £8 Now £3.20

Jenks, Tom: Items Was £8 Now £4

Pester, Holly: Hoofs Was £8 Now £3.20

seekers of lice: Encyclops. £4 Now £2.40

Terry, Philip: Advanced Immorality Was £8 Now £3.20

Walker, Nathan: Action Score Generator Was £15 Now £11.25

Williams, Chrissy: Epigraphs Was £4 Now £2



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