Rob Holloway Flesh Rays / Daytrain published today

flesh rays daytrain front cover

Rob Holloway, Flesh Rays / Daytrain, 170 pp, £8.00 

Two books in one, a little bit like buying books at a hypermarche.

See below for info, sampler and to buy.

About the book
Flesh Rays/Daytrain huddles together two prose non-sequences written between 2010 and 2017 between meals. Flirting with what came to hand, or wouldn’t, be it ‘daily rabbits’ or ‘the Duchess of Sunderland’; ‘London relaxants’ to ‘the rough revolt of polyphony’, the writing hopes to get inside your breath to try on its rocks and, failing that, file understandings of ‘love’ and emergent ‘thud-dead’ in your nethers. Please avoid reading in an office and, if reading in an office, hold your head carefully as you rake. If you’ve ever been called ‘feral’, or called a life ‘feral’, this book’s for you. If you’re a fan of line-breaks, try this on too. It works as a ‘body neoner’, asks ‘How to kiss?’ and will revolve the ‘sixth piece of styrofoam’ that you lend it if asked nicely. Someone once used Daytrain to shovel data-lag, and was rewarded. The plane that landed inside Flesh Rays last week has now decompressed. When you exit the station, please take your legs, others, and this dog, with you. Feed well.

About the author
Rob Holloway is a London-based poet and teacher. His first book PERMIT was published by the US-based poetry collective Subpress in 2009 ( From Nov 2002 to March 2004 he hosted the radio show “Up for Air” on Resonance FM. In 2004 he launched the poetry CD label Stem.


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1 Comment

  1. Dear James,

    Tremendous, what an excellent book. This work by Rob is leading edge state of the art. great.

    I’ll tell everyone I can think of.

    bw Allen


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